Contract Staffing without Boundaries (OS) is a B2B Portal where in customers can find low cost contract staffing resource worldwide.  OS will be your Managed Service Provider of all your suppliers, making it easy for Customers to focus on their deliverables working with Contract Staff rather than managing the suppliers.

Here is how it works:
1. Customers will post their requirements for Contract Staff and their Request For Quote (RFQ) will be broadcasted to all the OS Certified Suppliers in low-cost-countries.
2. OS Certified Suppliers will post their Proposals
3. Customer awards contract
4. OS will work with the suppliers and customers to get the contract staffing resource(s) started
5. Customers work directly with the Contract Staff while all payment processing will be through OS
1. Suppliers will get registered with OS
2. Suppliers will undergo a 25-point check by OS
3. Suppliers certified by OS will be listed on the OS portal
4. Certified suppliers will submit proposals
5. Supplier will accept awarded contract
6. Suppliers will be managed by OS.
OS Certified Suppliers:

All suppliers will go through a 25 point check before they get listed on this portal.  OS will manage the suppliers while Customers can manage the resources from these suppliers.  OS can also help the suppliers and customers find strategic matches based on the past performance at this portal.  All payments from customers to suppliers will be made through OS.